Stretch Your F & B Dollars – Part I

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Stretch Your F & B Dollars – Part I

The important factor always is Define Your Goal. In this case it really means what is most important to you, your client, and or your guests.

There is a real opportunity to save $$’s in the offering that you are looking to have. Try and offer the “nicer & more costly” food items during the cocktail portion of your event. Usually offering passed / butlered hors d’oeuvres is not only a nice touch, it is also where you could have your venue / caterer showcase in an affordable way. Have a conversation with them as to what they may want to show and do, knowing that your audience could be their next event.

The other thing to look at is how many hors-d’oeuvres do you really need to offer? It is really a “math thing” that is to say that during that hour, how many items can actually be passed? With that said order these by the piece or ask to. If you have 100 guests and there are 5 pieces per person, you would need to have 8 pieces passed every minute. Another way to look at it is this, it would take on average of 3 staff people 4 passes each to move that quantity of hors d’ oeuvres, if each tray had 35 pieces. If you look at the logistics of where the reception is being held, could that happen?

Another way to stretch those dollars is the way you offer the “beverages during that reception. You could have an “open bar” but really given the time of day and the amount of drinks that 1 person could consume in 1 hour (myself excluded) you may be better off offering that on consumption, or getting little creative by doing a “specialty drink” station or two. There was a really delicious cucumber gimlet offered most recently that was not only very refreshing, but cost effective and visually appealing. Couple that idea with a nice wine and beer selection and you are really trying to show your guests a little something special and you will save a few dollars along the way.

Remember instead of looking to cut per person dollars off the budget or out of your vendors hands, concentrate on saving a few nickels, dimes & quarters and you could save some real dollars for yourself and your client.

Next time we will take a look at how many courses and what those courses are. How can you work with your venue / caterer and the purveyors where they get their food items from. Enjoy!

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