“…I don’t know anyone with more food and beverage expertise than Lou. His success is attributable to his hard work and attention to detail. I look forward to working with Lou again and for opportunities to recommend him to others.”
Judy Flanagan – Principal, Judith R. Flanagan, CMP CMM

“I have been able to observe that Lou is … highly regarded by his peers and is a dedicated and hard working supporter of our industry. From his clients’ perspective, Lou has an excellent reputation for getting things done and can always be counted on to do a great job.”
Michael J. Lyons – President & CEO, GEP Philly

“Lou Marrocco has always impressed me with his professionalism, integrity, positive attitude and work ethic. He is a true gentleman and a generous colleague.”
Nancy Ottaviano – Director, Winning EDGE

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”
Suzanne Biallot Siebert

“…years of catering experience make him an invaluable team player for pre-planning, contracting and on-site meeting management for the food and beverage component of meetings and events.”
Jennafer Ross, CMP

“…I gained an appreciation for the deep respect he has within the meeting and event planning community.”
Gordon Bridge – President, Bridge Enterprises LLC

“Lou Marrocco is a true professional in every sense of the word. Known as an industry leader for over 25 years, I have never, ever heard a negative word spoken by, nor about him. I look at Lou as a mentor, friend, and example of what our industry should encompass.”
Tony Daggett – President, Daggett’s of Philadelphia, caterer extraordinaire

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lou for many years. His professionalism and knowledge of the hospitality industry, in every aspect of planning, exceeds the client’s expectations. Lou consistently goes above and beyond for his clients.”
Bernice Cornell – Event Planner, Feastivities Events

“He is excellent at finding the best value that suits my needs while keeping the cost low. I simply told him what I had in mind, and the end result always exceeded my expectations! With Lou, I know I won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to planning events in the future!”
Jacqueline Christopher

“He is organized; always smiling and can wear as many hats as needed. Lou’s expertise in many facets of the event industry make him a sure bet for planning any event. Lou is professional, thorough and highly efficient.”
Wendy Hartigan – Wedding Planner/Owner, Wendy’s Affairs of Heart

“Lou’s experience in the industry, his personal attention to your every detail, his personality and his get it done attitude will guarantee your event will be a success and you will have no worries.”
Gary Miller – Sales Guy, Cenero

“I worked with Lou on a wedding for “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?” and also work with him on many committees for the Philadelphia Area Chapter of MPI (PAMPI). Lou is wonderful to work with, very connected in the industry, and delivers service with the utmost Professionalism.”
Maria Ramos, CMP – Owner/Event Planner, Maribelle Productions

“…wide variety of events from small intimate weddings to very large fully catered events. Lou always meticulously plans each event to capture the most importance of details ranging from the placement of entertainment to the decorations of tables and tents to the quality and correct quantity of food. His attention to detail is always given to maximizing the fun and success for all while still managing to stay within the budgeted allowance for each event.”
Bucky Scott – Director of Operations, Scott Entertainment

“The Man did my wedding in 2003, and I had over 30+ caterers to choose from…“ Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”
John C Power

“…Lou took me under his wing; showing me every aspect of the business. …I realized that event planning was what I wanted to do with my life. Since then, Lou has become a mentor to me in PAMPI and in my career. He has such passion and dedication for this industry!”
Jessica (Edwards) Bittmann, CMP – Student, Widener University

“Lou Marrocco is one of a kind. He is conscience, hospitable, smart, dedicated, and always displays strong leadership skills. Lou has always been someone we were thrilled to work with and he always takes the job seriously. He excels in operations and is an overall excellent problem solver. Besides being an overall pleasure to be around, Lou has integrity and a positive attitude which is contagious.”
Caryn Taylor Lucia, CMP – Director, SEI Events

“Lou Marrocco is one of the hardest workers I know and I would be happy to recommend him for any meeting-related project. With the benefit of his previous catering experience, he is able to pick up on items that a traditional meeting planner might miss. He is constantly checking on the quality of the service and the product from the venue, all while providing excellent service to the meeting attendees.”
Denise Downing, CMP – President

“My husband and I recently got married in Jamaica and could not have done it without Lou Marrocco! Because choosing a place to be married without being able to see it is a huge gamble, Lou understood that we were a little uneasy, and assured us that he would be able to get us the wedding of our dreams. He knew that in order to be successful, we would need extensive and constant communication with the resort to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted … and sure enough, we got it! We received so many compliments on everything: from the resort, to the food, beverages and decorations … the whole thing truly did turn out perfectly”
Jackie and Lonnie Beck

“Lou Marrocco has been a friend and colleague for over 25 years. He works with passion for his profession, a man of honesty, humility, and integrity. He is always willing to share his expertise and vast experience with his peers and co-workers. Lou would be first person I would recommend to any Company planning an event.”
John DiPrimio (CEC) – Owner/Chef, Narberth Cafe